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At the present time I am only taking bookings in the Tucson area.


My school presentations work best with small groups (maximum 3-4 classes) of students in grades K-5. (My kinder session is 15 - 20 minutes) My presentations include Power Point slides. I ask the school to provide a working (!) computer, projector and (ideally) a remote.
I normally do not do large assembly-type presentations for children.

My school presentations compliment units in history, Arizona history, immigration, geography, social studies, reading, writing and art.

I usually work the full school day, a maximum of four sessions. I will do shorter days for Tucson schools, or for two same-area schools sharing a day.

CELEBRATE ARIZONA! (30-55 minutes)

A slide presentation showing the inspiration for this book set in 1912, the year Arizona became a state

For this presentation, I talk about why I wanted to do this book, and how I did the research - for both the story and illustrations. I talk about why I chose to write in rhyme, and why the layout looks a bit like a graphic novel.

I show original research materials, sketches, "dummies", edited manuscripts, and final illustrations (including the patched over mistakes!) to illustrate the whole process.

There are possibilities for student participation. How about reading the verses out loud and/or singing Happy Birthday to Arizona? Teachers and librarians are welcome to come with ideas!

In a class-size group, students are free to pass around the original materials.
Time is allowed for Q & A.


Using one of my books as an example, I talk about where I got the idea for the story, and how I did the research and illustrations.
I show original research materials, sketches, "dummies", final illustrations, edited manuscripts, color proofs, press sheets and translations to illustrate the whole process.

In a class-size group, students are free to pass around the original materials.
Time is allowed for Q & A.

IMMIGRATION (40-55 minutes)

A good presentation for learning about our country's immigration history

Using these three books about Carl Erik and his family who emigrate from Sweden in 1868, I talk about the reasons people emigrate, about what they take with them, what they leave behind, and what happens to them after they get to their new country.

To illustrate what Historical Fiction is I share some of the actual immigrant letters, journals, and pictures I found while researching this series, and show how I used them in my stories.
I talk about what is real and what is made-up in my books.

I ask the students to imagine they are emigrants - how they would feel leaving their own country, and what they would take with them if they could only take one thing.
Time is allowed for Q & A

COYOTE SCHOOL NEWS (40-55 minutes)

This is a slide presentation of the "story behind the story".

I talk about, and show pictures of, the real people and places that inspired Coyote School News, about finding the historic school newspaper Little Cowpuncher, and about creating the Little Cowpuncher website.

I read selected passages from the book and show illustrations, pointing out the historic details and local color of Southern Arizona ranch and school life in the 1930's - everything from the school outhouse to the rodeo parade trophy!

Time is allowed for Q & A.